It’s been awhile, some months, I guess, in my new time frame
I’ve been waiting in a room with many others just like me
I’ve made some friends, and we cry and laugh together
But they keep on being chosen or taken away

I hope where they go they’re still safe and warm
Just like it is here
Hope they have blankets and more friends like me
I hope they are not alone
We need those who’ll cry and laugh with us
And it’s in these moments I wonder if I’ll be chosen

This day starts just like any other day
Nothing out of the ordinary
Three beds are empty beside me, tom, lowell, and wendy
I guess they were chosen next
So I close my eyes again and think, “when will my time come”
...How much longer?

It hasn’t got dark yet, I’ve been up for awhile
Some giants are walking into my room
Looking in from box to box, I think saying “hi”
But they keep looking and shake their heads from bed to bed

Wait a minute, they’re coming to me with smiling faces
He reaches down and says this word I’ve never heard
“Son, I can’t have one, but I’ll choose you instead
Son, you’ll be the one we’ll raise
Son, we’ll give you everything you’ll ever need”

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