Encircling Arms Of The Father

Orphan Project

Brightness, whiteness, refraction of light
Piercing through the keyhole of my heart
Breaking open, and crumbling this house of cards
That I’ve lived in all my life, that I’ve lived in all my life
Reach from the heavens
Purest flesh, whiter than snow
Reaching down to encircle me, giving me peace

Hands that placed the moon
Breath that blows the clouds
Eyes that light the sun
Feel that step from star to star
But what astounds me most:
The arms that hold the skies are holding me

Brightness, whiteness, blinding holy light
Engulfing, while breaking my heart
Razing to the ground, he is the foundation
That I’ll live on all my life

I have no other reaction
Than to reach up into your arms
A family, one body, held firm
By those encircling arms

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