Leaving My Seat At The Table

Orphan Project

Mother, may I be excused
I’m not feeling very well
And there is so much more I hunger for
Than what you can supply

Father, may I sit this out
My mind’s preoccupied
I’ve had too much but it’s not enough
My heart is restless within me

Giving all they can to me every day
Sending all their love to me in their own way
Still seems to leave me wanting more
Still seems to leave me wanting more

So, I know I must push away from the table that’s before me
I can’t be satisfied from this table before me
It only fills me up so far, inside
And I’m pretty full inside
Not much is inside, I’m empty inside

Mother may I be excused I know there’s someone out there
Who can give me what I need and you know the one I mean
Father may I sit this out
‘Cause there’s another table with a man who calls me son
But I don’t know his name

Always looking for another good deed to do
Always looking for a thing to prove my worth
But it leaves me wanting more
Always leaves me wanting more

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