Discovering New Surroundings

Orphan Project

My tiny heart beats faster
My eyes begin to open
Trying to move up closer
To the brightness ahead

I think I’m ready to go
I feel the pressure rising
I feel the urge, I have to know
What’s hides behind the light

I never dreamed that it could be this good
That so much love would shine on me
Shining like that first like breaking
I never thought that it could reach beyond my dreams
The day your love shined down on me
The day your love first came into my view

I see a thousand colors
My eyes can’t take it in
It’s all so overwhelming
In my new surroundings

Louder and louder I hear the laughter and the tears as I’m ushered in
A song is fading
But in every smiling face
It’s glory sings

I hear a voice, someone I don’t know
But a sound I recognize
Saying, “here’s another, among the few, who will stand for truth”

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