Close the fuckin windows
I'm trying to sleep
Yesterday happened some sick shit
(What happen?)
First a freak fuck
A tattoo maniac
Just passed thru
And I've gone mad

I've shown it the middle finger
And spited on his eye
And said to him to fuck off!
You problematic guy
(Man, why you've done that?)
I don't know
Nevermind man
Where's my dope?

Then walking in the neighborhood
I was cool
But with the mind still confuse
I went home and got the baseball bat
Yeah, in Brazil we got this shit too
Got the keys, got in the car
And gone downtown
Beat some rich retard!

Hey playboy, got no choice (coé)
Shut the fuck up!
You are a noise!
So fuck you and your boyfriend, sucker!
You just go to the gym
Trying to be popular
(You're gonna kill him!)
Alright, I'm out of here

Is that a freak dream?
Now driving down the road
Look a cow, man
Fuck! Wow!
Putted that shit in the trunk
Then I felt sick
Like I've eaten mushrooms with lsd
Puked on the seat
I bet the cow guts helped to it
Got the return

Driving back home
Covered in blood
Then I saw a politician making a speech
And I decided to ran over with
Got a priest, a police man and the politician beast
Fuck! I didn't even made a list!
All done

Now in my house street
I could not believe that more shit would happen to me
A bum looking for some fun
Throwing shit at a nun!
I could not let that pass
Stopped the car and fuckin said
-Man, you're a fuckin genius!
-You don't know but you're fighting for the indians

He said
Ok! Away!
And since that I never saw him again
Oh, that was yesterday
Fuckin shit!
Sick mad trip, hey!

Oh shit! I'm in a madtrip
Spending all day long like a lunatic!

What's up homie?
I surf and skate everyday
Now all you motherfuckers listen what I'm saying when I'm high, I try so hard
But I don't wanna die tonight by an antichrist
I fight with cops and Americans
Fuck you, America latrina
We are in all the houses
We are in all the sessions
Good, alrigh

Speak what you wanna say
I want to skateboard
No motherfucker, I don't wanna play
And for you suckers in the house
I'm tripping with my brother, skipping like a mouse
Why the world is that so mad?
Why the law is so fucking crap?
Brother... Pass that shit

Many people converted by the time
And I don't understand!
With 47 in the guns and a k in the name
When thugs and your momma's start crying
With no lie
I surf everyday and skate every night
But it's true?!
Sure man

You don't know what the fuck you gonna do when they fucked up, yo
The beach is my playground
And with the motherfuckers I fuck 'em around
Only a surfer 'know' the feelings

Palhaços assassinos!

Fuck the police is my law
Everything he invent
And forget everything I saw
For the mothers and children this is a shit
But for a 'muder was the case', this is a motherfuckhole simple click!

Oh shit! I'm in a madtrip
Spending all day long like a lunatic!

Fuckin shit!
Sick madtrip!

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