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Could Have Been A Song

Pat McGee Band

This could have been A song about the wind
But my words were blown away
I could have sung about tomorrow
But I couldn't find today
Forget about writing down my conversations
'Cause I can't think of what to say
With nothing left to sing about my ax in tune,
I got no choice but to sing to you

Once won't you give me,
Twice won't you save me,
Three times won't you let me sing this song for you

I've been thinking about Singing about a painting,
But the colors make me spin
Or the mystery of a spiral,
where would I begin?
I could have sung about piety,
but I slammed right into sin
And now I've got a crowd around me,
what am I able to do?
I'll take this song and offer it to you

Might have sung about the ocean,
but I'm stuck here on the shore
How could I ever ask for seconds,
I couldn't take no more
I almost thought about a phone call,
but talking's such a bore
People left an hour ago,
the window's tainted blue ( so am I)
and I wrote this song

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