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It's all right, I don't mind
It's all right, I don't mind
And it's fine with me

Could it be that I found you there Or just another time
Time to be when it's still time for me to be Time to figure out why
Don't you wish we could talk all night
Never thought I'd know why
Times have changed, but now I still remain to be
Lyin' here wonderin' why, Lyin' here wonderin' why

Thought I'd be the one (take a look around you and see what's within you)
To see the sun (Is there room in your life, can I fall down beneath you)
It's all right
I don't mind
And it's fine with me

Now you're thinkin about
If I will or if I won't
Well, you got to know why
To touch your heart I want to see the other side
Please don't ask me why, no don't ask me why


Won't you stay here with me tonight
Won't you just lay down
And rest your eyes Tonight

The sun is up and so are we
I think we know what's happening here
The taste of love is here for real
And now I fly
I am so high, Oh I am so high


Now I've come to be
It's all right
I don't mind
And it's fine with me

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