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Oh, brother, tell me what she's been into.
Oh, my sister, give me one good reason to, hey,
My darlin, why you shun your eyes from
Oh my God, now I've been blind I can not see.

The wide-eyed times, close tight your mind
And I will guide you and die I would, for you
Darlin you know that. Just when I found you I
Come crumblin' down and still, love lives on through,
Lives on through you.

Waiting for someone, like so many times before
Its raining in Richmond, every aftermornin
And im shining down upon the life around me and I'm
Thinking about you, where might you just be.

(Repeat Chorus)

No, I won't divide you. Don't even think that's true.
If you'd just listen you'd hear life calling
Calling me from you.

Oh, mother, tell what she's been into, and now
Oh father, give me one good reason to now
My brother, why you shun your eyes from me
Oh my God now, I'm still blind I can not see

(Repeat Chorus)

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