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Anne wakes up every morning about six o clock
Thinks about her family, Anne won't talk
Tried to reason with me slowly
Morning's not my time
Must have seen me feelin' lonely
To win my line

You will find me Right inside she

The way she shines is born to be
The way she smiles is home to me
She's one to see, you must believe
The way she shines is home to me

Anne loves to hear the ocean, one thing I know
Likes to think about her Daisy and move real slow
Never talks about herself much, sewn up tight
Wants to get a straight answer, and roll on by
You will find me Right inside she

The sun is trying to come out, the sun
Everything happens for all the right reasons
The weight of the world, carry the world in your heart

Anne sleeps with all the angels and rides the tide
She always keeps her hands on, right by side
You will find me Right inside she

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