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exibições de letras 214

The brighter thing get to realize your dreams,
brings all the whole world to judge on your scene.
I'm trying to ask you to open up your senses,
To all the fine things that tear down the fences.
Put up by, and kept by those who don't always listen.
To what the father told you they won't be missing.
Out and down on this child's intervention.
This boy never meant nothing but just to give you.

All about the passion. (X4)

Extra now extra won't you read all about it.
Seems you've grown up, turned your life around it
Don't judge him on what the others might say,
You'll be asking him for just one thing some other day.
He's tryin', he's buyin', he's got himself a time
And it looks like, and it feels like, he's doing fine.
So won't you stay back off his line.
This boy never meant nothing but just to give you.

People, now people, won't you please understand.
This child's not thinking about what others chance.
The rain's pouring down on him like harsh blowing sand.
blinding game of darkness it's no wonder he ran
Back to the old school right now if they see him though.
They know that he's brewing up a fresh batch of home stew
Now they'll sit back and if they only knew.
This boy never meant nothing but just to give you.

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