What is it that you're saying?
I cannot see this faith, that is so fakely portrayed
My mind ticks over as your lips move
But as i'm sick all i hear are screams of pain

My mind is gone, but murderous thoughts still rampage my brain
I see death with a third eye, it's like a track on repeat.
You try to preach to me?
I rip that fucking cross from your neck
You worthless heathen.

As i begin to stab you with what you call your god
A chuckle comes to me, there's nothing like irony.
Oh no mercy shown here, not like your fucking symbol
No faith will save you now.
I am the devil himself, just say a fucking prayer
So i can spit in your face.
Spit in your face!

Protect me! from my sins
What a joke! your fucking blind faith.

Your martyrism, is it supposed to impress me?
You're not dying for a god, you're just dying by my hands!
There's no one waiting for you up there.
Keep that glint in your eye, it's pathetic.
You fucking worm!
Death is the end, no one will save you now.

From my bonesaw scraping, my upside down crucifix maiming
Your skin is peeling from my effigy
A model of the stupidity of your sacrifice
A model of the stupidity of your sacrifice.

Your witch he's not real, how many times must i dismiss this blind facade?
You are a legion of stupidity, i cannot stand by any longer.
I must end your strangle.
Your strangle
Your strangle on humanity
Your stranglehold,
I must end it.

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