I am but a mere speck, an insignificant nothing
Compare to what's in the shadows
We are human, nothing else
A disillusion, creeping round right through my veins
The foulest stench follows everywhere we tread.

This was not our intentions bring our planet to death
It's in our nature we bring peril on this world
We have unleashed this peril on this fucking race

Soul less eyes stare from this sunken place
An empty living filled with hatred and abhorrence
Our victim screams for saviour from approaching death
For saviour from this heartless decimation.

Save this world!
Save this world!

Lifeless bodies,
This terror must be stopped
I can no longer let you kill
We must change it or lie six feet under ground.
I cannot see in sight an end to this destruction
I cannot see in sight an end to this nightmare.

We've caused this murderous rampage
We must end this, not with our only children
If we don't they will be consumed by the maggots
Nothing left but a husk
Death will breed, it flowers.

Death approaches, the end of everything you've ever known.

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