My hands suffer atrophy.
Body bewildered, craving something sadistic.
What I want and what I need contradict with one another.

To crave it...
To fucking appease it...
My mind resides in it's filth...

Eyes can only see these demons.
Exciting imagery summons forked tongues.

This fucking slut has lured me before.
Something different, something more.
A place raped of it's dignity.
Debauchery held in it's lowest form.

Physical and ceaseless, my anatomy begins to rise...
Endorphins pumping as I sexually ignite.
This filth it takes over, it rapes my mind.
A haze of smut and plague diseases mankind.


Inflict it on yourself.

I'm fulfilled,
With this I rip at my organs,
Just to feel something else,
Aside from the numbness,
That tears at my mind and dismembers my body.

People pass with looks as piercing as the eyes of a traitor.
Sickened faces as I tug on my anatomy,
Their expressions only push me towards the end.


Just feel it.

Ripping strokes of filth!

I don't blame, this flow of smut ripping through me.
It's not at all an affliction.
Just another act in this God forsaken world.

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