My mind it feels tortured
I can't express the pain
Thoughts that pass over and torment me once again

I can't stop thinking
A brain that never ceases
Am i tortured, does insanity plague my brain?

This is the question that brings me over
The edge and dumps me, to the ground
This is the question that brings me pain
Rips through my mind and tears again

Be unto me, repair my flesh that wraps my mind
A broken wall fading endless repressions
Deceit and lies like defacation
Upon graves, of heroes fallen

Darkness falls as my mind begins to spiral
Walking through hallways of another synapse
It infects me, another impulse of rage injects like fluid into my veins.
Once again, i can't control this fit in me
Decimating through my body

You decide whether i win or if i fucking lose
What's the point you're on my shoulders where can i move to
Get away and break away from this i fucking wish
I will not break down into another shattered realm

It's the perception of lies
That kills me from the inside out

But there's nothing left to kill
Of me

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