Mary, whore to demons
Profanate to the enslaved
Bearing, child unborn
Fetus, cloaked in darkness
Bloated, unclean savior
Jesus, evil birthright
Bastard, father unknown

Afterbirth, seeds of Satan
Baptized, drowned in torment
Deformed, born of a dog
Offspring, offering of blood
Tempted, by your Master
Denied, doomed to your cross
Betrayed, sold for pleasure
Feeble, savior of none

Tortured slave of mockery
Before me false messiah
On your knees in fear
To the Prince of Darkness

You dare deny the truth
King of jews is a myth
Nailed to your cross of lies
Thorns of hate upon your brow
Mocked as you hung in pain
Plead to the one who is not
Risk your life at his word
We now rejoice your death

Bow before me
I am the true God of all Gods
You will obey
Your image of truth will enthral
Speak through the light
But you will lead all souls to Hell
So it shall be
Underneath the lamb hides the beast

Virgin Mary vigilated
Concieved you, a son of Satan
Crucified for your denial
Where is he who art in Heaven

Disciples deny you thrice
As the hands are washed of your
As you take your dying breath
True ancestry drawns on you
I await you at your side
I come for that which is mine
Martyr of unholy ways
Ressurected through my will

Extincion, of apostoles
Genocide, of divine
Created, in blasphemy
Destroyed, by your truth

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