Close my eyes to make it go away
avoiding the inevitable depiction
wound up so tight, stressed to the peak
this status is in crisis to far beyond belief
breaking the rules, crossing the line
out no one sees
take for themselves, abusing the rest
manipulation of our weakness
as the blind lead the blind
profit from our naive ways
what I can't see wont hurt me...
My tolerance is expended
all trust is lost as greed prevails avarice replaces it
buy a judge, kill a friend
bury it forever
lawless society is what they teach
the struggle for polier
dominance is what they preach
continue our apathetic ways
and live the life of a thief
preside for another day
hide a crook behind a white collar
the ones we trust we suspect the least
all confidence in the law is wasted
militias in the right will slowly lead to anarchy
I emphasize with their cause
I can relate to that rotted horrid taste.
When you've been betrayed
there's no equality
no respect
I never shall believe another single word they say
we have all right
because we will be by your side
dancing on the law just like you...
Wlaking away. Walking away unscathed
you... Walk away unscathed

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