Worthless, insolent misguided
fools continue to breathe
exhausting all life from us
spill our blood in their barbarity
return to the days of an elders past
when lives were there for the taking
symbol of hate enscripted
upon the tomb of each man
the wanton desire for others possessions
will ultimately lead to the end
as avarice is unavoidable
instilled in the man to shed their own blood
assaulting the peace
instilling the fear
haunting each woman and man
an inbred, dapraved instinct
no right to still be breathing while others lie dead
no just spending our money to provide them a bed
they already proved that they really don't care
just herd them like cattle and turn on the gas
let them die
purging the nemesis
deter the rash of cruelty
eye for an eye
the punishment to fit the crime
maybe they will get the message
that we have had it
never get the chance to hurt again

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