Unchain my neglect
compel myself to submission
sentence me to death
break down all my self-esteem
crippled mentally
my thoughts run black again
involuntary slaughter
of all i used to cherish
social segregations
have brought me near remission
falsify illusions of a misguided generation
abandonment of your world
sentiments of your family...
turn their backs in embarrassment
why should society dictate
communities crumble in apathy
sometimes i just want to kill myself
close myself inside my rage
take it out on someone else
therapies for all my pain
philosophies taught by the enemies
deep inside is where it hides
feel it take your every breath
learn from me i'm already dead
split myself in two
try to please each side somehow
personalities, conflicting crusing me to run
futile, i stand alone in tension
the torment of worthlessness compulsively haunts my soul
manic, each day i deeper blemish
each day i fall deeper in dispassionate acceptance
i am void, i am bound
comatose in thought, bound and gagged
now i am your pawn - feel free to make me suffer
now i want resist
i will return into the black again
crippled mentally
i admit to this hell that i live
disparity's stoic entrapment
has made me yearn for the end
pacify objections of a man who was created to bleed
sentiments your family
turn their back in embarrassment

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