Witch witch
You wanna know
What's inside me
Sometimes it seems that you know
What i'm going to be
Your wishes
Inside my mind
They seem to succeed
Wild devils
Straight to my heart
Trying to breathe
Which which
Way are you going
With my mysterious sins?
If you speak through my mouth
I would like to scream
Your hair tiding my feet
Dragging me blind in the sand
Your voice sounding so sweet
Making me rest in your land

But when you look into my eyes
I feel like i'm being hypnotized
Then i can't speak for myself
Can you seize somebody else
I think this is love...

Witch witch
Your heart is burning
Inside me
Won't you tell me the story
Behind my family tree
I hear, my clock is ticking
I'm counting the days 'til i can be free
Hey listen unless you tell me
How do you do your sorcery!

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