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Hope Is A Butterfly, No Net Its Captor

Rx Bandits

We took a ride to find escape
she killed her past, for the future needs her.
She told her lover to take her hand, someone else's fear should break her back no longer
oh, it's a virus of silence, of silence.

I can't get out of the market place merry go round.
Their mouthes they move, but make not a single sound.
All of their words are worthless wind
a loose-lipped sync, from a shell-shocked soldier.
and when our fists bulge fat with sin
we wrap like ribbons to fill our coffins.
It's a virus of silence, of silence

I ain't living the life that you dreamed for now.
Oh, where you're working, working, working just to survive.
And the war that's waged in your mind is forced inside.
between desire and the words will to comply
I met a woman who told me secret, she said, she said she said:
Don't wait too long 'cause in the end we only die.
And if the body may be imprisoned
Nothing can stop the thought of hope from taking flight.

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