Ohuu.. oh

Strophe 1
There`s so many things I wanna say
There`s so many thoughts inside of me
But my words can't seem to find a way
I can see you're changing more and more
Acting like you didn't do before
I see you're slipping away
But I don't wanna loose you

I would do anything for us to remain
'cause I know that we can make it last
To be true
I don't wanna lose you

Tell me that you love me from the heart
and nothing in the world can tear us apart
tell me that we'll be together
the rest of our lives,
baby now and forever
tell me that you still believe in everlasting love
and we'll always be together {now and forever}

Strophe 2
Baby take a look inside yourself
am I the one you see or someone else
baby please be true
you've gotta let me know
tell me what you do to make you sure
cause I don't wanna feel this insecure
you've gotta give me a sign 'cause I don't wanna lose you



Bridge 2
Remember all the promises we made
remember all the words we used to say (use to say)
that an open heart will always find a way
what would it take from me to make you realize
And I know that we can make it last
to be true:
i don`t wanna loose you


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