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Charming Crash

Second Coming

In A Snow Packed Daze
I See Forever
A Charming Car Crash Craze
I Think I Miss It
All The Blood On My Hands
And Breath Leaves The Shell Unwanted

Wait For The Smoke To Leave The Scene
Wreckers In Chains Are Going To Set Us Free
You Can Die In My Arms Cuz I Will Stay With You
I'm Going Nowhere

How The Highway Kills
I Was Wanting Retribution From The Ice Covered Hills
Your Ashes Weighing Heavy On My Mind
And The Ground On Which We Spread Them Tonight

I Saw The Angels In Your Lifeless Eyes
I Never Figured On A Trip Like This
We'll See The Playback Everyday
Of Our Lives
'Til We Die

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Composição: Eric Snyder / James Bergstrom / Travis Bracht / Yianni Johnny Bacolas. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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