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Devil Boy

Second Coming

Love Lost At An Unearthly Cost
I Was There
With The Devil Boy Tonight
I See No Reason To Mind
Sometimes It's Best To Share

Show Us Your Bloodshot Eyes
Thing's Ain't Ever
Gonna Be Alright Again
Moisture Dripping
From Your Body Blue
Life Has To Leave You

Death Has A Mother Now
I Found A Way To Rid My Life Of Her
I'm Looking Down At Her Now
Feels Like I Should
Get Another Shot In

I'll Rid The World
Of Your Jesus
If You Give Me Just
Half The Chance
I'll Tear Your World Into Pieces
When The Devil Boy Does His Dance

I'll Make You See My Ways
End Of Love
No More Days
I'll Tear Your Shit Into Pieces

Nothing Seems To Make Us Old
It's All In The Way You Live
Nothing's Gonna Keep Us From
One Another

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Composição: Eric Snyder / James Bergstrom / Travis Bracht / Yianni Johnny Bacolas. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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