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Liberty Man

Second Coming

You Mothers Take Pride Before You Send Off You Sons
Then Practice Your Moves For When The Sad News Comes
"There Is No Easy Way To Tell You This"
Saw Hearts Feeling Heavy
I Saw Innocence Drag
Saw Countrymen Flying My American Flag
That's Just The Way That We Do Things Here

Liberty Man
You Are The Patriot Sons Of Freedom
Liberty Man
This Is The Home Of The Brave
We'll Take A Stand

Time To Carry On
Time To Mend The Broken
Remember Who We Are
Remember Those That Laid It Down
All The Souls Who Made Us Free

Liberty Man
You Do What You Can
And Everyone Loves To Break You Down

I Am American

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Composição: Eric Snyder / James Bergstrom / Travis Bracht / Yianni Johnny Bacolas. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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