And when she hurts herself
How she'll be hurting me
My Constantine
Tonight the sky's on fire
And spills its grief for you
Cries out for you

I always shamed the bleeding heart
I used to incantate my hate for you
Unacceptable demise
To throw your love around
Like it's everyone's light
I used to wash the thoughts of you
Out of my days

Always fighting for a breath of air
And humbled when my Constantine is near
But oh how so beautiful she looked
And missing out on life

Never hurts to be awake
When you're dying in my arms
My love she's slipping
Years have gone to waste
Years to take her place

I hope you hear my voice
I'm nothing without thee
Reduced to emptiness
Now that I'm lying in state
And missing out on life
Mi Amour
Soft to me
You are everywhere in me
For my love
My Constantine
You embrace me in that special dream
We would talk
You would say
How I charmed you each and everyday
But just look at you now
Where is your grace?
Death has stolen you without a trace
Now I've gone looking for you

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