Lay waste the earth on winged steed
Exterminate in their thousands those thieves
All those who dared to dress as kings
And wear the raiment of mastery

Tenth and final avatara, who will set the bounds of cosmos
Great striding blood-avenger of the cleansing storm
That sets ablaze horizons, entombing Age of Iron
To sire those God-kings who will live a thousand years

Lay waste the earth under steel hooves
Quelling underfoot whom it behoved
To sing the paeans of false parity
Assuming praise for an order of nullity

To those who will fall like gold leaves
Heralds constituting the book of New Dawn
Whose chapters may be written
But yet whose blood will be the ink

Exterminate all those bodies of men
Who bear the name and designation of king
Eradicate him wedded to hunger
For soon his name will be ashes
Extirpate those upon whose faces
The fumes of vice are ever manifest
Inhume those who left abandoned
Their only worth when they forsook their servitude

Who fire brings, and ushers in the new age
And crushes earth with the great stamp of his heel
Who winter brings, to purify the whole earth
From all those by indolence swollen
Who cleanses both of the world halves by truth
Inaugurate the sons of gods on earth
Blood revenge, to slay the wolf unleashed
Which bit the hand of the August God of order

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