Infiltrated by knowledge and power
I look upon the lost souls
The certainy of death
The essence of existence
Created and poisened
With ignorance they ride on the white
Wings of technology

Towards the misty future
But as their eyesight grows
Their destiny forces them into the astral nexus of time

They served me in humility
With the desire for wisdom
For I will conquer their hearts
With broken wings they kneel before
Their Master

I´ve gathered secrets dark and old
The ancient spirits I´ve called
Made with feelings of a lie
Their fallacy I can´t deny
I look forward into time
All ancestors will be mine
I decieve the planet earth
To the time of my rebirth

Time has come to take revenge
Upon false inspirations
Embraced by the cosmic powers
I absorb the selfish minds

In joy of their infinite fear
I rise beyond believe
On the pits of eternity
I swear to my honour

The spell is broken

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