The Soul of the Universe

Aeons Confer

Awaken - from a aeonic dream
Enlighted with answers - of the perenial quest
I realize - we´re captured in our selfish thoughts
Unable to explore - the strength beyound our source
Now I´m wandering - on darkened paths unknown
Through space & time - to cross the blackend gown

Endless horizons once veiled to my eyes
Lay open before me ablazing the skies
Spectral transitions crushing my mind
As billion comets pass me by

Psionic ripples they guide me the way
Out of the dimensional human clay
Majestical I stream on the waves of their might
Until the journey ends in a radiant green light

Flouroscent liquid enlightens the night
As wisdom and strength in my heart unite
A pure supreme instinct grows in my mind
While cosmic virtue fulfills me from inside

The Soul of the Universe
The Source of all Creation

Further and further it takes me away
In the astral ocean I will ever stay
The powers of eternity transforming my mind
I´m reborn as a star-born child

The soul of the universe flashes in green light
The source of all creation - the source of my might
The secrets of exsistence unveiled to my eyes
Their virtuous wisdom let my spirit grow wise

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