A place so dark and deep that every sense is forced to fail
Far too late to regret
Collapsing state
Just one left thought reverberates
Nothingness so pure
Blackness could obliberate

Grope and feel my way
Or inside the black I stay
There has to be an aim
Asphyxiant lure

Grope and feel my way
Or inside the black I stay
Getting closer to my aim
Still insecure

Bounded by obscurity can't feel myself
Lost in a lack of entity I will not wait
A kind of total chaos or a system too regular
Perfectly arranged havoc
But it's more

Restless without destination
Caught by the dark menace and the thoughts of mine
Overwhelmed a black penetration
Infiltrated by the haze of an omniscient kind
The omniscient might

Try to choose a path
Through intensity
Reduced to the strength
Of my own will

Am I inside
Or outside existence
Is there any purpose
Am I stuck eternally

There is hope to find a glim a hint or sign
In this total vacuousness
Intuition leads me to a special source of power
Never dared to assume

I know I'm inside
And outside existence
Now sense is getting nearer
Clear trace of the idea

A force causes traction inside of my mind
There is a direction I'm following
Will leave the pure darkness
I know where to go
Through this nothingness

Grope and feel my way

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