Gratitude expressed by silence
Solitude lasts just for a while as
The prelude of a new time
Still growing on
To become sublime

Fulfilled with thankfulness
No word can say
Skilled by blackness so glorious
Against all bitterness
I go

On and on I go
Marching on cause I know
The darkest might included me
The darkest force enlightens my way

Rose from below
Bear this burden so much I owe
Incur deep liability
Accept responsibility
So black and bright
Nothing else can stand its pride
Absolute wisdom and dignity
All ideological liberty
Far beyond the lie
No dimensions define the size

Though I shall not kneel eternally
I know
I have to deal with this burning I feel
Since I've turned those horrors revealed
Black skies induced the great change of the unreal

On and on I blast
Moving on
Moving fast
The darkest might's fulfilling me
Without remorse I'm clearing my way
Act upon the vast
Maybe the first
For sure the last
Abolished all fatal fragility
Demolished with hate and hostility
Differentiate but aware nothing's to save
Release atrocity
Knowledge will infiltrate the misery
Warfare of the wise
Weapons to extricate the mind

So my unslaving strategy
Of my mind
Mind can entail purest liberty
I have never destroyed physically

Follow the praised alliance
The blackest property
Accomplish what has begun
In quest for what I'll become

I welcome my fate
The faithful performance of my duty
Await the ultimate

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