Symphonies Of Saturnus - The Synthesis

Aeons Confer

Gonna grow
As time gets overthrown

Respect instead of the warfields of liar
Wise impact extincted what's no more required
Lost mortal protection
All fleshly remains
Terrestrial elements exuding to gain

Still sight widens
Constraints disappear
New scope will abide
Understand every sphere
Between remote locations
A point of aggregation

Unleashed clouds of darkest waves
Keep the collision course
The conversion source
Astrobiological non-organic cell
Neither form nor shape nor lack
Energies of black

Pure constructive moments
Immediatley occur
Without physical limitations
Creations of the first

Lightstorm of force accumulates
A being of might no longer awaits
Until darkness unfolds new fate
I start to procreate

I stop to desecrate
I start to procreate
The great triumphant
Earthly life's end
Cosmic evidence
Made me comprehend

My influence get more intense
Space expands
Time extends
Alive and prominent
Black existence

The opponent
Confronting sense
Dark intelligence

I am matter
Black matter
All matter

With blinded eyes wide open
It was overwhelming me
Gave what Saturnus brought
Fought what Saturnus fought

Since great disillusion came I'm deeply hateful
This last fusion was the aim
Feel deeply grateful

With universe wide open
I'm what Saturnus sought
Do what Saturnus taught

Structureless giant
The giant will gain
Intergalactical might
Seceded and transformed to supranatural height


All sorts of consciousness confer
Unify my strength

Without shape that fades
Without plural ways
Without virtual decay
Entity of grace

Without local state
Without pursuit in vain
Without intention to stay

Perfecting the absolute source
From far distance now blackness reformed
An odd product of wisdom reborn
Empowered to absolute force
The descendant of darkness reformed
An odd product of pure might reborn


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