Hmm... Hahaha
The young lady is coming
Lost in her own mazes
Cry, child, go straight
To the burning flames
Of my tongue
'Cause until the end
You'll be mine
Your love, your courage
And fears
And everything you
Hoped in your life
Will be mined!

I'm not in paradise
But this is neither hell
I cry, well, where am I?
But no one would tell

I've seen a tree
Is that a ghost, indeed?
I guess a monster is
Running after me...!

I need more time
To spend my fears
You could be here
To fresh my tears
Just close your eyes
And come to me

I'd need no one
If you were here
You could be near
To set me free
Just kill yourself
And come to me

That light hurt my eyes
I'm not into mine
Somehow I will hide
All this pain inside

I just want to escape
I wish I could fly

But I
Swear that
I am
Not going to die

Until you get in here

Oh... How she tries!
Walking down
Through the unwise
She can sense me
My presence is near
And give frights
As nothing will change
In this strange dark lane
She won't ever go back
No one to remember her name
I'll have her to my own
My newest toy is in town
Shut forever, my dear
This is your worst

Someone, please, help!
I don't wanna do that"
Not again, no!
Just let me go!

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