In paradisum
Deducant te Angeli
In tuo adventu
Suscipiant te martyres

Maybe I fell into despair
I saw the gates behind the mountains glare
I gazed at the realms of deep unknown
A crescent Moon above the silent snow
My dreams, as pure as one can be
Ebb of my thoughts, stream under a frozen sea
Powerless feelings imprisoned in myself
Maybe I fell into despair

A derelict soul in a body accurst
Pitiful, weak creature
I'm lost in a lightless, desolate place
Left alone dreaming, forever dreaming
Through the gloom I wander
Trying to deny a cold and hopeless reality
Alas, my anger is useless
And so is my own existence

I see myself walking endlessly
Amongst naked stones and ghastly trees
A dismal Sun is a poor guide, as my path
Won't end until the night
When the sullen red Sun rises
I put my head between my hands and pour
Remorseful tears
Over the wreck that is now my life
Repentance comes but it's always too late

What happened to all these years?
Time flew away in a blink
Sometimes I wonder what could have been
It's been so rough these days
To find the strength to carry on
Enclosed in myself
I feed an ancient sadness
A burden much bigger than me
Crimson oceans I see
As blood runs from my eyes
Still I yearn for deliverance

Watching through the window
The tedious barren plains
How many complaints echoed through these lands?
I live under cobwebs and garlands black
Countless sleepless nights
Have triumphed of my will
Wounds are carved into my soul
How I wish to run, how I wish to escape
Leave away my human husk
See it crumble to dust and disappear
While my spirit flies above the smoking pyre
Finally free from unfulfilled desires

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