An anguish stirs my thoughts
Yet that won't last in me
For I am but a ghost
No regrets left behind
Misery I endured
On my earthly path I dwell within this swamp
Fated here to stay
This dark dread haven
Where lovers drown

And my laments will echo
In the freezing winds
I extinguished my strengths and my own being

A hole into your heart
I yearn for more than I can feel
And then you shudder with horror
By now, my sight grows dim

Who will be there for me
To smile and dry my tears?
I'm like a withered rose
Alone eternally
No spark within the night
Nor moonlit sky to guide my way
It's my end
I surrender to pain

So many tears I shed on this hollow path
My scattered dreams, covered in dust
Adorned in ashes
A gloomy drizzle froze every bit of my heart
Soon I will dissolve in this forsaken realm
And I ask nothing of you, distraught wanderer
But to sprinkle my corpse with a little tear

Flowers of the spectral garden may wither and die
But your sorrow will live on, sealed within my scars

I heard her stifled cries
What deathly pallor upon her face
They poisoned all my nights
Only I could hold her close to me

I saw her in a dream
I kissed her lifeless hand
But then she disappeared
Within the limbs of your own hell

When dawn whitened the heights
And night dissolved in tears
Then a red Sun rose
And unveiled all the fears
He forgot his vow
Lost track of his own will
He'll find in death his long-lost sleep

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