Winter was the season of her heart
Pale cold flowers lying on her grave
Her dream to pass away was her own Art
O my lovely dead, how could I save
The river of sorrow in your veins?
There was just one way to break your chains

My bleeding Lavinia
My hazy Lavinia
My blood for Lavinia
My blood for Lavinia

Looking at the grave of Lavinia
Remember the sweet light of her face
Bleeding on the grave of Lavinia
My only dream is to kiss her frozen grace

O please come back, and I'll take away
The sadness where you'd drown - for you
My dear

My blood for Lavinia

I had made for her a deadly poison
I'm standing on the grave of Lavinia
She wanted a poison to leave the light
I'm crawling in the shadow of Lavinia

She wanted to be dead but still beautiful
I'm still in love with the ghost of Lavinia

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