Like the poisoned scent of my hollow dream
A deadly wind touches my face and freezes my last tears
The absence of love inflames my sadness for living
How would I go on without the promise to feel again?

I'm standing alone
While you're vanishing in the sky
I breathe no more
You leave me behind with no words
Your beauty shines over my soul
But I'll never get to you

I have seen her silver petals in the growing nightlight
And I hoped that she would fulfil my deepest dream
I didn't know that I would exhaust her soul
I didn't know that she would fade some days after
And all my memories remain deserted by her

Surrounded by deepened shades
In this place I never belonged
A deadly anguish embracing me
My wishes lost as I drown in fear
And I mourn her loss

In this abyss of gloom
Waiting for a foreseen light not coming back
Like curtains to hide the wounds of the afterlife
Feeling its presence as never before
Even though I might never come back

Someone has told me that I was the one
Someone has sworn me I would find the princess
I have seen the light within the darkness
I followed the star that burnt in my soul
Someone has told me that I was the one
Someone has sworn me I would awake her

Blinded by the absent light
Of my beautiful Moonflower

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