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I wasn't man enough to say goodbye to you
I could not keep on doing things I would not do
But it's alright

There wasn't time enough to keep you satisfied
There's no denying I'm a coward and I lied
But that's years ago now
Ain't it funny how time heals the wounds

If you ever feelin low
There's just one thing you should know
There's a river of champagne
On a big pink cloud
Just one song away

Look to the sky and make believe you're 1000 years
Raise your glass to the devil and say cheers
Cos it's alright

You've lost your chains, you're free to be the way you are
Now get on the train, it's gonna take you far
You got all it takes
Release the brakes
Enjoy the ride

Even if diamonds turn to coal
There's just no way you can fall
Let the music show the way
Realize one and one is two

Like one big neon sailing dove
Outshine the northern lights above
Music is the only way
Realize the only God is You

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