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How I wish I could be here
Before the invention of God
How I wish I could swim in the cool green ocean
Instead of wading in blood

You spit in my drinking water
And you're the one calling for war
Raping your neighbour's daughter
Then you name her a whore

Take me back to long ago
when air was clean and grass was green and new
Bring back the days
when the decisions were made by me and you

Sound asleep without the slightest worry
Lying safe in your bed
Outside your bedroom window
Children steal clothes off the dead

How can you judge your fellow man
for crossing lines too fine to see?
How can you stand yourself
leading millions in misery?
Do you believe you're untouchable
because you made the law?
Do you believe we'll keep quiet
about what we saw?

The final act of justice
Takes no prisoners at all
Say hello to all your judges
Someone have mercy on your soul

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