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Ten little cowboys on their way to fortune and glory on a single horse
It's time to lose a little weight. Two get off, whatever it takes to make him bring us closer to the sun.

Eight little cowboys on the horse. Stumbling, struggling to move on
Still too many for the horse. Two more get off, Silver be strong
Bring us safely through the night.

Some make their way through lifeDoing what they're told without a sound. Others yell and tell and decide, one read books upside down
More power less will to share, greed and evil everywhere. Squeezing harder every day until there's nothing left. Dare you guess what then?

We all just have to wait and see, let's not think of what's to be
Clutching at the final straw might be one major joke. However we're still here without a choice.

Six little cowboys riding on, way too heavy someone's got to go. The fat one with that suitcase full of cash. He's got a gun, won't be any fun. He's got no time to argue, better run

As you got money to buy whatever money can buy. Let's see how much you need it where you lie. Around here you're just food, wonder if you're any good. Welcome to the party, you're the guest of honour today

In a pile he doesn't look too good. Carefully stripped down to the bones. He showed up for the lesson just in time. The final one - learning. Money's not the currency to pay the price of greed. Into the sunset walks a horse. Free at last, time to heal. Finally he's finished with mankind. Leaving bones and money behind

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