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Art is my life, I'm a painter, I like it colorless and clean
I'm working on the biggest image anyone ever seen
The world is my canvas and I just can't wait to fulfill my dream
I find life so disturbing and I don't care for blue or green

Can you imagine anything more beautiful
Than nothing with nothing in between
A picture from the moon of a yellow ball
Such a wonderful scene
I'm the desert machine

I want your house and your backyard too
I need space but I don't need you
Travel to space if you want to live
Time will teach you to forgive

I don't expect any recognition
In a hundred years, maybe four
And when everything's forgotten
You will realize less is more
I'm the desert machine
Leaving but wasteland behind
I'm the eraser, I'm the mastermind
I'm the destiny so unkind
Everybody's confined

I'm the desert machine

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