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Do you think the carpenter will be on time?
Do you think your doctor doesn't overcharge?
Do you think your accountant is telling you the truth?
Do you think the government doesn't rip you off?

Who's to be trusted, and my friend:
Who's gonna catch you if you fall?
Don't have too great expectations
We're only human after all

Try telling rabbits not to breed
Try telling fish not to swim
Try to tell the sun not to shine
Try to tell your children not to lie

Do you think your friends don't talk behind your back?
Do you believe that virtues is more than a pose?

A thief wants to steal your money
A preacher wants to steal your soul
A politician steals away the truth
Time steals away your life

Try telling birds not to sing
Try to tell the preacher not to preach
Try to tell the river not to try to reach the sea
Try to tell your children not to steal

Nothing new
About the nature of me and you

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