Completeness is written on a cake
The red, the white, the blue, the opaque
Smoking up into a nothing

Some sweet replies warmin' up out of the oven
Scents will play a wonderful day
Sights'll be exploding

What blues might try fold out into an open?
A person to thank and a push in the lake and
Things that I am hoping for you

And some may try, get a little superstitious
There's lots of cracks in many days
Oh so many wishes

But I don't know why
Peaked on Saturdays
Doo doo, doo doo
Should be just like all the days

But I do know why
It would never quite function for Mondays
Cause they remind me of those Saturdays

My, how time flies!, said my younger cousin
My, how time flies!, said my younger cousin

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