The reign of the messenJah
Has ended before it's begun
Selassie the Ethiopian Emperor
Was just a devout Christian
If he was the Lion of Judah
Or Jah as some have said
He never kissed mary jane
And Jah as he was called is dead
Rastas say they fight injustice
Oppression and poverty
They demonize the other races
And claim Ethiopia for eternity
The poor black man's Watchtower Society
They claim the Messiah has appeared
They use the ganja to get themselves closer
To a god that has yet to be feared
Spiritual inhalation of the herb
Is the silliest thing I've ever heard
Don't need no weed
to get close to God (repeat)
You can take your dope
and stick it in your rear (repeat)
No herb is needed for the service of men
The King of kings is seated at the right hand
We have no desire for the cannabis
We have the One who died for all of us

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