Oh, are you ready? I wanna see it! C'mon!
Shake, shake your hips to the beat,
Don't stop it,
Let the music take you, feel the rhythm,
I wanna see you dance till you break your feet,
Break the dancefloor,
Dance till it's four.
Here it goes!

My foot is moving alone,
I'm gonna loose my control,
I can not handle it,
It's automatic, let's go.
Are you feeling the same as me?
You can not stop your feet,
Yeah it's crazy,
You're shocked, baby I can see.

Hey baby, just dance and move it,
Don't stop it, I know you can do it,
Hey shake it! You're about to loose it!
Go shake it, shake it, shake it, shake it up!

Shake it shake it shake it,
Oh, my phone is ringing!

No, I don't care about time,
I'm here to have fun, tonight,
No cares, no trouble, no cry,
What are you saying? Don't lie.
Oh baby, I think you are hot,
You maybe like it or not,
You hit me like a shot,
Just keep shaking, please don't stop!


Are you ready to shake?
So follow me and learn how to do it right,
Clap your hands, to the beat,
Shake it shake it right, baby shake this hips,
Here comes the guitar.



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