This night I feel so fly,
I can't remember how or why,
My life has changed for real,
This pain is all I feel, by now.

I'm strong outside, but inside,
You left me broken, you left me feeling so dope,
So raw.
And now the flames, they ignite,
The doors are open and you keep watching me fall,
To the floor, I'm so raw.

My heart is messed out,
I'll take my coat, going downtown,
I don't care anymore.
Bringing my coins and my thrills,
I'm broke but handsome, that's how I feel,
Take my bills and give me all the pills.


And this is how I've lost my innocence,
And this is why I am nobody's man.
Yeah, this is how I've lost my innocence,
Then I've chosen to be just how I am.

Chorus (2x)

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