Tried to be fine,
To define,
To rewrite all the story,
But i don't get it,
Just forget it,
I'll tell exactly what happened,
Looking for somebody,
Want a body,
To call his own,
Found all he wants,
All she wants,
He got a diamond.
Wrapped in foil aluminum,
Go to the jewelry and make a ring.

If you wanna come in,
Hey baby, i'll let you win,
You are so in love with me,
You're shining i can't believe.

He loves to be sexual in a shy way.
She likes to hear what he says.
Got a home, a job, a car,
Got two kids, always in a war,
Wasted time, three o'clock,
She was at home and he was in a bar,
Perfect couple, never in trouble,
Always double, now they see.

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