Happy times, while ago,
Make me cry, now I know,
Everything I have done,
Just a waste of time.
Partying, drink and smoke,
Lullabies, pain on toes,
Friendship, lies, but with love,
While we’re drinking wine.
All my steps, they went wrong,
Can’t go back anymore,
I’m a mess, now you’re gone,
A lesson to be learned.
Every night, dreaming on,
Fantasize, watch my show,
Burning lights, sing my song.
This life is what I want.

Remember about how much we have spent,
On alcohol or in confidence?
If I hurt you, know I do not meant,
But that’s what I’m used to do.

I've screwed it up,
And every word makes me so sad,
And every breath can be the last, oh.
I've screwed it up,
I can't deny what's in my genes,
I'm born to lose all that I win, oh.

I wish I could be back in time,
To realize it all just wasn’t worth it.
True love is so hard to find,
But when I do, I had already lost it.

And everything you ever made me,
It still remaining in my heart,
But I know that I may get crazy,
And I’m gonna just burn it all.

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