Primitive man is coming with his dinosaur,
He's gonna hit you with his stick, don't matter who you are.
You better get your kids and run far way,
I think you know that isn't safe to stay.
When he finds you, he will eat you,
Your kid's brains go to his Tyrannosaurus.
You can beg, cry and pray,
But you know that there is no way.

I said...

Did you ever imagined that it could happen,
The past in the future, what a mess,
He wants his fire, he wants his life,
But all he can have is a modern car,
He was a good hunter, he was Mesozoic,
But now his acts aren't so heroic,
He is a killer, he wants his meat,
And when he finds he will can eat.

Primitive (11x)

Hey, stop
Hear the steps
He's gone
Hey, stop
Hear the steps
He's far
I said...
Hey, stop
Hear the steps
He's gone
Hey, come back,
He's on your way,
False alarm.

Primitive (31x)

Hey hey hey, I warned you...

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