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Warriors Of Armageddon

Buried God

Folow the stream of salt
It leads you to the field
Immortals in armour of gold
Honour and pride's what they feel

Chasin' the unbelievers to the shore
Rapin' their whores, destroying the faith
The holy cross you'll see no more
Fighting until the end of days


Heathens we are
Reckless we kill
There is no grace for you
Breathing the deadt
Live for the thrill
There is no chance for you
Warriors your time has come
Strike them down
The hands of doom lay on your face

Give up and bury your god
Before the beast awakes
We'll tear you to pieces
Forever serenity falls

The final fight, your impending doom
Don't steal our pleasure, your death is soon
No waste of life, this mourning ends
Sky shall burn, dark angel was sent


A brotherhood of blackend souls
In our chest hearts so dark
A torment with rack and glowing coals
On our forehead see the evil mark

Baptised in fire and wine
Ruling our world's our mission
Thuringian circle is our sign
Warriors of armageddon