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Trust In Nothing

Buried God

The more you trust the more you loose
Take this wisdom before you choose
The more you love the more you kill
You're disappointed and pay the bill

Don't need your values, your image sucks
You gotta be kind if you want to fuck
Your silly smile can't take no more
The more you say the more we puke


Image of society, false moral norms
Don't give a fuck, you better be gone
You'd like to eat those lies
You'd like to see a painting
You swallow shit on spice
But we trust in nothing

Corruption rules, corrupt my mind
We ain't no fools, don't need your dime
Soul salvation, a dirty trick
Hell damnation, you make us sick

Brainwashed mob, a spineless breed
Will we ever stop an infected seed
Can smell your poison, your thoughts are rotten
The more you tell the more's forgotten


Rely on prayers
Don't fuck the devil
We like the chaos
Just being evil
Snot in your gob
You call it a promise
The more you lie
The faster you perish